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How To Transfer A Piano To Your New Home


Transportation of pianos is processed with an adequate cargo vehicle, a van or a truck depending on the type of piano. When it comes to transporting a piano what matters is the weight and the dimensions of this musical instrument. In order to move it, you will need experienced transport workers who will be able to transfer it from one place to another. Another thing that really matters is to provide a good protection and a good placement of the musical instrument.Accurate Moving services have their own services of piano transfer.

You should not be doing this by yourself. To transfer a piano, you will need a professional moving company.

If you need transportation of your musical instrument before you decide to contact a moving agency check the following:

whether the area in which you are moving has enough room for your piano,

whether the place has an access to the building such as an elevator because it is impossible to carry that heavy musical instrument by taking the stairs,

can the piano pass through the entrance of the building?

check if some of the things on the way intended for accommodation may interfere with the piano transportation. This primarily applies for all the larger pieces of furniture that might impede the passage into the room as well as the passage through the hallway and stairs in the building.

All these precautions are important because they will affect your finances if you damage some furniture in your home or if you damage the musical instrument. So, if you hire a moving company, they will take the full responsibility while transferring the piano, and if something happens during the process, they are the ones who will be responsible for repairs or replacements.

If you need to move the piano from one city to another it will be a lot more complicated. But with the right vehicle, protection and the right people, your musical instrument will be placed exactly where you want to.

But if you decided to perform that process all by yourself, note that it will be very hard to make it possible. Not only that, this will even cost you a lot more than hiring a moving company. First of all, you need to think about renting an appropriate vehicle or borrow it from someone you know. Then, you need to provide special materials to cover the whole piano and straps to protect it inside the truck or van. And not to mention that you will need to place it in the van or truck without scratching it. You will need at least 5 other people to do that successfully. Then, you need to be able to drive carefully to the desired place and take it out of the truck or van. Again, you will need a lot of people to perform that action. You, with the help of other people will need to take it to the right place making sure you don’t damage anything.

The 5 Best California Ski Resort


California is home to a lot of things, but it is pretty safe to say that this is one of the sunniest places to be in the summer. However, when winter comes around, it turns into a freezer, which makes it perfect of ski resorts to boom in the business.

There are many popular slopes and mountains in the California State which makes it great for skiers to find the perfect sweet spot.

Here are the best California ski resorts that you can visit when you are looking for a new holiday destination.

Squaw Valley Lodge

Squaw Valley Lodge is one of the most coveted skiing destinations, not only in the United States, but in the entire world. Its claim to fame is having to host the 1960 Winter Olympics where big names like Jean Vaurnet and Roger Staub battled it out against other international athletes.

This is a mega resort that has everything that you can think of and the slopes are perfect for anyone of any age and any level of skiing. Lines can be quite long due to its popularity but it is so worth it. You can look forward to pipelines, bunny slopes, moguls and more. While not a requirement, ski helmets are highly recommended at Squaw Valley. If you need one, here is a list of them.

Snow Summit at Big Bear

This is a resort that is perfect for those who love a personal touch. With sign posts everywhere on the slopes, you will always know where you need to go, where the highest slopes are, and where the shortest queues are. They have night skiing here so if you go make sure to bring a pair of goggles that have a light tint or clear.

For a harmonious day on the slopes, Snow Summit is brilliant for you. The loudspeakers are always updating you on what is happening, as you enjoy the serene vibe that the West Coast gives off. They have some of the best designed terrain parks in the country and the staff members are very friendly.

Kirkwood Mountain

If you want a mixture of snowboarding and skiing, then Kirkwood is perfect for you. It has everything that a great skiing terrain could want from bowls to chutes to saddles to glades. While this might sound quite daunting, rest assured that there are a few flats for beginners to try out.

Snowboarders will have access to the entire mountain and there is a freestyle park available where you can show off your awesome moves. The ski instruction has been praised over the years and it is quite easy to get the hang of skiing at this resort.

Sugar Bowl

This resort is great for anyone who wants to add some variety to their skiing holiday, because at Sugar Bowl there is something for everyone. It is mostly uncrowded and the staff members keep their distance whilst at the same time keeping an eye on safety.

Mammoth Mountain

This resort is home to one of the tallest skiing slopes in the state. The peak is at over 11,000 feet which makes for a great ride down and beautiful scenery. It is a challenging drive to the resort but this is part of the preparation for a wild ride down the slopes.

Barcelona In One Day: The Essential


Barcelona is a city that you can enjoy for days, months and all the time you need without be bored. Overflowing plans and places where you can enjoy every moment but imagine that you only have 24 hours to enjoy the Catalan capital, what result essential to see and do?

Preparing a comfortable journey for 24 hours

Providing only 24 hours, we need to combine comfort and price, so the best option is to book a room in bed and breakfast in Barcelona center, where having covered the needs of hosting and start the day with the battery charged.

About how we move around the city, there is a one-day tourist ticket that will allow us to use public transport in every moment, something that is vital to see the SagradaFamilia and Park Guell for example. In addition, with this ticket, we can have discounts at museums and shops. Ask for it at the airport or Sants station and be sure of all the options and conditions upon arriving in the city.

Finally for a complete experience, we recommend eating “tapas” in a bar or place away from the tourist influence (forget the Ramblas) and a more relaxed dining in a restaurant to taste the local food more calmly (remember: the paella is typical of Valencia and the gazpacho from Andalusia, so look at more Catalan products that are just as excellent as the aubergines, anchovies from L’Escala, coques, mar imuntanya, fideuáampurdanés style etc.

What to see in Barcelona in one day

There is a word that is essential when deciding what to see in Barcelona in one day: Gaudí. But don’t be in a hurry to jump into the search for some of its architectural gems. Take advantage of the morning light and the proximity to your apartment to visit the Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter before its results crowded.

Mandatory stops are the Boqueria market, Miró mosaic in front of the Liceo, Town Hall, the gothic bridge situated in the Carrer del Bisbe,the cathedral, the church of Santa Maria del Pi and the Columbus monument. The last is a good place to stop at this point of your route to take a nice walk along the Mediterranean in the old port and ending in the neighbourhood of Barceloneta in lunch time, a site more than adequate for tapas (but steer clear of the restaurants located on the promenade, go into the neighbourhood).

Once you face the afternoon, is a good time to visit monuments and avoid the heat. Now you can ask to yourself what Gaudí architectural gems enjoy also with the SagradaFamilia, which is a must.

By proximity it would be nice that once you visit the temple, you continue the walk to the north to see the magnificent modernist complex of Sant Pau Hospital and broach the Park Güell, very lively at this time of the afternoon and with spectacular views particularly at sunset. La Pedrera and Casa Batlló can be saw them back home watching their impressive facades.

Finally, a good plan to address the evening, would move from the Park Güell in green subway line (L3) to Montjuïc from the stop of Plaza de España to appreciate the great show involving the Font Màgica, and have another views of Barcelona from the excellent facade of the National Art Museum (MNAC).

Visiting Lisbon With Children: 4 Places To Make Them Happy


Visiting Lisbon with children is a comfortable and fun choice. Good weather, quiet life and many interesting alternatives that will for sure keep happy every member of the family. The touristic routes through the city center are a must for everyone no matter their age, even if Lisbon is full of slopes what makes it quite tiring to wander around. Anyway, if we alternate the walking with some nice activities it won’t be so hard for the smaller ones and they’ll have great fun.

Here you have some suggestions about things to do when visiting Lisbon with your children.

Parque das Nações

This modern area quite far from the city center and right next to the Tajo river was built for the Expo of 1998. It offers a wide space for children to play and run in, as well as many attractions such as a cable car with great views, a shopping center, parks, a playground, etc. There are also several pavilions that house many museums such as the Museum of Living Science. You can also rent bikes in here and remember the Oceanarium is also in this park.


Visiting the Oceanarium is the safe bet for anyone who wants to make happy his children during a trip to Lisbon. This is impressive building is the second largest aquarium in the world, which brings together dozens of different marine species in a building that recreates the different ecosystems of the four oceans; Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Antarctic.

Brunch Electronik

When parents are also seeking for some great fun and they are fond of electronic music, going to Brunch Electronik in Lisboa is a great decision. There you will find a great line-up with the best DJs, food-trucks, children’s activities and a market with the newest trends in Lisbon.

This brunch is held every summer Sunday inTapada da Ajuda, in Lisbon. It’s just the perfect cross between leisure and culture, not only for adults but also for children. The smallest ones can always participate in activities and workshops such as inflatables, water spots, dance, fantasy makeup and many more. At the same time, parents can have a drink and dance to some great vibes.


The city center may be too busy and hard to walk for the kids, but Belem is a much nicer area for them. This historic neighborhood is much flatter, closer to the river and full of gardens and meadows around the Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem Tower, ideal places to rest or just play for a while.

Moreover, Belem offers an additional attraction that will delight every member of the family; the factory of the Belem cakes. There you can try and buy this local, traditional and delicious dessert.

As you see Lisbon is a welcoming city for children of all ages. The ideal destination for your next family holidays.

The Top Tuscan Villas To Rent


When choosing a villa in Tuscany to rent, you really have to know what it is what you want out of your experience. It depends on where you want to stay. You may want to be in one of the cities, or you may want to spend a peaceful time in a quiet village. Some of these villas are more modernized, and others are a lot older, which many people prefer. It is a good idea to do your research in order to get that vacation of your dreams.

Here are the top Tuscany villas of 2016

Podre Palazzo Villa – This is situated in Umbria, where you will be accommodated in luxury, but still be able to soak in some of the atmosphere which Tuscany is known for. You will be greeted with a heated swimming pool, along with all the modern touches. You can also sample some of the fine dining in the area.

Villa La Quiete – This villa can be found on beautiful Lake Como which is an area that one should not miss on. This also goes back to the 18 century, so it has some history attached to its name. You will soon learn how stylish this is when you step through the doors and are greeted by a private butler.

Villa Anna – Choosing a farmhouse to stay at can be a real experience and something you won’t forget about in a hurry. This is what you what you will find at Villa Anna, which was built more than 250 years ago, just outside the beautiful area of San Giovanni. You will start to feel as if you are really feel as if you are living in a farm, surrounded by olive trees. You will feel at home, spoilt with a CD, some of the best cooking facilities and good looking and comfortable decor.

Villa Syracuse – This is a great spot to stop off should you be on honeymoon. It is also appropriate for intimate groups. The sea views are fabulous where you will be able to have a good look of the Ionian Sea.

Levanto Villa – If you are in Liguria, then you should definitely think of stopping off at this villa, especially if you enjoy walking. This town has a lovely beach which is great for couples and families.

La Chiusa – This villa is not only luxurious, but also incredibly situated just outside the lovely Lucca, close to Florence, where everyone needs to go when they take a trip to this part of the world, and also close to Pisa. Some villas are so luxurious that they don’t give you a chance to relax, but this is different with their lovely gardens, fruit trees and grapevines.

Borgo di Vagli – This villa is found in a tiny village, dating back to the 14th century, so definitely for those who have a passion for the history. There is also a nice balance as you will see with the pools in the villa and the lovely landscaping which allows you to get away from everything.

DIY Marche – This is a very popular and personalized villa which you will have to book sometime in advance. It is a private booking that you have to do because it is not advertised on any agencies. Many people prefer to go this route, avoiding scams. However, should you go through a company with a good reputation, you will be fine. You will also find that this villa used to be a monastery, which is rather interesting.

Casa del Conte – This is a five bedroom villa which can be found in Umbria. There are many really large villas like these around, and they are nice for when many friends want to travel together, for example. Here, you will find some nice drives in the area which are worth exploring.

Villa Leccetino – Some people just want to feel as if they are at home, and basically live like a local either in a small village or in the countryside. Villa Leccetino can offer just that. You will be able to appreciate the views and the structure of this old 3 bedroom villa.

For more information visit Tuscan House

Getting A Better Price On Your Next Beach Holiday


Getting a better price on your next beach holiday is easier than you would think. Granted it is harder to get a bargain than it used to be, but the bargains are still there for those who know how to find them. Paying thousands of Pounds for a holiday at the beach can be a hard thing to do, but If you are flexible, know how to negotiate, and aren’t the pickiest person, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find and extravagant beach holiday destination for an affordable price.

First off, being flexible is key to finding an amazing holiday spot for a cheaper price. Don’t have your heart set on a specific spot; it is important to keep your mind open and consider other destinations you wouldn’t have necessarily picked out. Resorts in less sought after locations such as Turkey or the Balkans can sometimes hold up a better deal than extremely popular holiday beach spots such as the Algarve or the South of France.

Not to mention, it is extremely important to allow yourself flexibility with dates and times. prices for the same flight can vary by hundreds of Pounds depending on the day of the week or take off time and the airport. Because of that, it can be beneficial to pick that midweek flight sat dawn, so that you can have some extra spending money while on your holiday vacation.

Don’t be embarrassed to push for a better deal. Negotiation is key to getting an outstanding beach holiday experience for a better price. In many cases if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so keep that in mind while trying to plan your next vacation. In a lot of cases travel agents and such will be allowed to give discounts on extra capacity in fear of remaining unsold, you’d be amazed at how easy it can be to get a fabulous deal at a luxury hotel simply by calling them up and inquiring.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that booking last minute doesn’t always mean that you’ll get bargains from hotels and resorts that are afraid of having an empty room. It is crucial to book your beach holiday before the end of February in order to get the best price. Being prepared and planning everything out ahead of time will make it more possible to get a better price on your next beach holiday.

Lastly, it is important to check with many different travel agents and booking sites for your holiday. As with clothes and cars, it is important to shop around, to make sure that you are getting the best price. Don’t just settle on the first bargain you find otherwise, you are likely to miss an even better opportunity that would have been just a few more page clicks away.

Shopping around can also not only guarantee you the best price, you can also make sure that another site isn’t going to rip you off. If one site has a resort listed for 400 pounds a night with a rating of 4 stars and another site has negative reviews of that same resort with a much lower booking price and a much lower customer satisfaction rating You would have gotten ripped off if you wouldn’t have shopped around and done some research on the holiday location you were planning on visiting.

Staying in the know is key to staying on top and to get your money to stay in your wallet.

Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Traveling


I was traveling on a flight to New York City visit my family. The plane seemed crowded than usual even though I looked for a seat at the rear end. The flight attendant told me that it was peak season so I would have to squeeze in with the other passengers. It was a long journey and I didn’t know how the hours would pass.I hadn’t slept the previous night, and I really needed some peace and quiet. So I put on my Bose Quietcomfort 25 noise cancelling headphones which I bought a couple of days ago from Amazon. I had read a few reviews of the Bose Quiet Comfort 25’s and they seemed like the best available.

The moment I put on my favorite track, I knew they were worth every penny. Everything else seemed to fade away. There was no noise in the background, and all of a sudden everything had become peaceful and silent.

I enjoyed the rest of the trip listening to some great music and looking at the clouds outside my window. The hours passed away but I didn’t seem to notice because the travel had become so much enjoyable. I hardly felt the noise of the people around me, and I was deeply engrossed in my music. I even managed to catch a quick nap along the way which I hardly do on flights.

The headphones felt light even though I had been wearing them for a couple of hours. The sound quality was great and I felt as if I was listening to my music at home. Even the noise of the engines outside didn’t bother me, and I could hear nothing but clear music with no noise coming from the surroundings.

I had to take a couple of lectures so I recorded my notes using the in-built microphone in the headphones, and played back the audio. I was amazed at how clear the sound was even thou I was not recording using a standard device. But there was no background noise in the recording, and I could hear each word clearly.

I was so glad that I had purchased my Bose Quietcomfort 25 noise cancelling headphones before making this trip, and it made the journey a lot more comfortable. I began looking forward to the whole trip, and the opportunity to meet my family after a long while. I made plans about things I would do there while listening to my favorite music playing in the background.

The powerful sound of the music put me in a deep state, and the time passed away without my notice before I finally arrived at the airport, and my family was there to pick me up. I didn’t feel tired anymore because I had a relaxing journey thanks to my Bose headphones, and I felt a lot more optimistic about the whole trip.

The best part of my trip was we got to do some of the touristy things I never had gotten to do, like goto to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island. I was totally overwhelmed by the history. Needless to say it was a great trip.

Airport Limousine Service – Do You Need It?


You may be a businessman who has a taste for the finest things in life or you may be a multi millionaire perhaps even billionaire who would like to experience the best comfort that you can possibly get. At times, you may be just a regular person who would like to experience fine things from time to time and that is your reason for wanting to get airport limousine service.

This is only normal and you should not be ashamed that you want it because of course, you want to get to and from the airport in style. It should also be considered that you do not want to be late especially if you have packed just a little bit later than usual. Aside from the obvious luxury and service that you can get and can be provided by, there are certain things that you have to remember so that you can make the best choice.

  1. On Time

No matter how good the limousine looks like, if the driver is late then you know that you will still be rushing to the airport and it will not be glamorous. Search for airport limo service that pride themselves in having drivers that arrive on time. You just need to state the date and the time when you need the driver to be in front of your house or the airport so that this will not be an issue.

  1. Knowledge About Different Routes

Let us say that the driver has arrived on time but you were not ready on time. As a result, you are running late and you know that it is not your driver’s fault but you still want to get to the airport on time. The best thing to look for is the driver’s knowledge about the fastest routes available. You have to remember that in order to get to a certain place, there are different roads that are available. If your driver knows these roads then you still have a chance of arriving to your destination on time.

  1. Clean Limousine

Will you feel like you are in a luxurious limousine if the limo is dirty? Probably not. As much as possible, you would like to hire a company that offers airport limo meet and greet service that can offer clean and well maintained limousines that you will surely enjoy staying at for a certain period of time. You also need to make sure that the limousine that will take you to and from the airport is relaxing so that you will be at your best when you get to your destination.

Of course, one of the most important things that you need to consider when you are searching for the right company that can offer you limo services is your safety. Your safety is in the hands of the driver. If the driver is not very good at driving then you may encounter some accidents along the way. You would like a company that offers drivers that are not only skilled but are safe and reliable as well. You should hire the right company now for a hassle free travel going to and from the airport.

What to Consider Before Buying An Inflatable SUP


When you are an enthusiast of inflatable paddle board like me and you have used a lot of kinds within a short run, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration so that you will be able to have a better investment. If you have the same situation, you have spent a lot amount of your money to something futile or useless. So, to guide you choose the best inflatable SUP board that you totally deserve, here are the following things that you should consider:



When you plan to buy one for your own use, you need to buy a paddle board that can give you a long lasting experience, which means you can use it for such a long time. In this way, you will be able to put your money into something valuable and better. Moreover, you can employ your savings to other things like buying protective gears that you should wear during the activity.

High Quality

If you are looking for this product, and you do not know how to get started, you can shop online as this will provide you with a wide variety of stand-up inflatable paddle boards. You will be able to choose the best product as well and it will never be easily destroyed when you are in the water with a lot of either big or small waves.


If you are a beginner in playing this kind of sport, it is necessary to purchase one that is thicker, longer, and wider so that it will become more stable on the water. Aside from that, you can balance it well with less falls. In other words, inflatable paddle board should have more volume in order for you to propel continuously. Nevertheless, when you are already expert, you can employ the stand-up board that is thinner for the reason that you can balance it without great effort. Here is a guide on how to paddle board if you are a beginner.


Even though you have the means to buy one, you need to purchase a particular board that is affordable. As a matter of fact, there are many cost-effective products that you can see online and offline. You just have to be resolute in finding the best SUP not only the one with high quality but also with affordability. Based on my experience, this can assure you of encountering the same benefits or things among the expensive boards available out there.

Reliable and Trusted Service Provider

As much as possible, you look for the product from a company that is known for being dependable and trustworthy so that you will be assured that you can get extraordinary or amazing stand-up inflatable paddle boards at all times. In addition, you will have the capacity to eliminate your risks of purchasing one from an unreliable service or product provider.

Thus, the things that you need to consider before buying paddle board are: it should be long-lasting, has high quality, has wider, thicker, and longer size, is cost-effective, and should come from a trusted and dependable provider so that you will have the same experience with mine when I did my vacation.